Real Estate Geelong are proud to provide a personalised Property Management service for Property Owners and Investors across the Geelong region. 

From first time investors to clients with a growing portfolio, our property management service is built on the reputation of providing a valuable and profitable experience that is transparent, reliable and personal.

With Property Managers who have been servicing Geelong, Bellarine, the Surf Coast and Golden Plains for over 15 years, the experience, knowledge that our clients have access to is undeniably valuable for property owners and investors. 

The experienced team offer an end to end service, meaning the person you meet during the rental appraisal is the person who will be managing your property. 

What Sets Us Apart?

We Focus on Quality, not Quantity
When a client asks us to manage their property, they are trusting us to manage and provide advice on one of the biggest and most valuable assets they have, so we have measures in place to make sure we can delivery on this. 

It is standard for property managers to manage up to 180 properties on their own, our property managers are capped at 100 properties. This ensures we can give the best service consistently, we are available to answer the phone when you need us and we are proactive. 

We Are Independent 
Real Estate Geelong are an independent, Geelong owned business and are free from corporate agency structures and franchise pressures, which means we are free to choose who we work with, our advice is unbiased and client-solution focused. 

Our reputation is solely built on the service we provide and our focus is on who we provide value to, rather than how many. 

We Are Engaged 
While agencies have used tech to replace most of todays' communications, we adopt the latest tech to claim back time in our day to do what's important, talking and engaging with our investors and renters. 

As a result, we have high customer satisfaction and strong relationships with our clients which has minimised costly mistakes for owners and stressed caused by common issues such as miscommunication and mismanagement. 

We Care
We understand that investors use property as a vehicle to build wealth, we also understand that this is a legacy to help family and future generations to live comfortably. 

While we generally talk about the financial legacy and impact for future generations, we are also invested in the positive impact we can do for the people in our local community. 

As a client of Real Estate Geelong you are contributing towards local charities, organisations and programs that are making a positive impact towards the people in our community. 

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss leasing and management of your investment property.