Wes Thornton, a life-long resident of Geelong, takes pride in his profession, providing clients with the highest level of privacy and discretion, great trust and loyalty, plus a vast knowledge of today's unique marketplace. A talented and hard-working individual, Wes has been synonymous with Construction, Real Estate and Investment for 30 years and has earned outstanding results that are the envy of his peers.

Wes achieves success for his clients and in his own profession by taking his career a step further than mere sales. He truly recognizes that buying and selling a home are personal and emotional as well as financial transitions in the lives of his clients.

Wes’s thorough approach allows his clients to remain confident throughout the process of selling their property. Through precise negotiation and a diverse array of marketing techniques, the goal is always to generate optimal traffic to amplify the exposure to deliver a result that exceeds the sale price of any comparable property. He is fully dedicated to providing a highly gratifying experience to each of his clients.

The Real Estate Geelong Team was formed to bring together a team of bright agents willing to learn and represent similar beliefs as Wes’s own and who embody the same commitment to treating all clients with the honesty, support and integrity that one would give a family member, putting their best interests first.

His impressive track record will continue to be appreciated and imitated by others in the industry.