Openn Negotiation 2020 National Winner Excellence in Customer Service


Openn Negotiation 2020 National Winner Excellence in Customer Service

Congratulations to Wes, the Real Estate Geelong Team and our preferred contractors for their amazing effort in taking out this important National recognised community award in 2020.

The project we were confronted with was a massive undertaking to get it decluttered and sold quickly so that our vendor could settle an apartment purchase 2 years earlier or they stood to lose their $32,000 deposit.

The developer of the apartments was only interested in the vendor settling the property on time or they were prepared to put the vendor in default on the purchase, keep their deposit and resell the apartment for more if it didn't settle on time.

Without going into specifics about the property in order to protect our vendors' interest, the cleanup of this property was so large we removed over 150m3 of furniture, clothes, rubbish and garden waste from the property by hand.

None of this could be possible if we didn't have access to an amazing group of community-minded people who make up our preferred contractors. We got the property sold for a price well above expectation and we saved our vendors deposit so that they could settle the apartment without default. Such a rewarding result, thanks to everyone involved.

  • Marion Ivermee Villarosa - A place of Calm
  • Debbie, Milan and JD Paroski - Carried out the bulk of the cleanup
  • Mark Clutterbuck - Clutterbuck Electrical
  • Zane Hunt - Huntz Plumbing
  • Dave Card - Go landscaping
  • Phoenix Bin Hire - Supplied every skip we needed.
  • Simmone Burns - Your Clean Services Australia
  • Nick Tonsing - BWRM Photography
  • Gavs Signs - Site Signage