Here’s 500,000 Reasons Why You Want Wes On Your Team!

Tracy , 10 Mar 2016

Wes’s building and development knowledge as well as his explanation and reasoning had me believing he knew what he was doing. He believed in what he could achieve and had the figures and support evidence to justify it. He sold it so well it made me think we shouldn't sell!.

As a result and because of Wes, we now have an additional '$500,000 TAX FREE' that we wouldn't have had if we selected Hayeswinkle, Whitford or even listened to the buyers agent that appraised the property.

The lowest appraisal I received was $1 million dollars and the highest appraisal was $1.1 million. Wes however believed he could achieve between $1.6 - $1.7 million and he did exactly that. So if you're selling and you haven't spoken to Wes, THEN why not. I can give you 500,000 reasons why you should!!!

If you want to achieve the highest price, you absolutely MUST speak to Wes.